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  • 29

    Koze Imigrasyon

    Nou invite tout moun alawonbade pou vini patisipe nan prezantasyon sa pou yo ka konnen dwa yo soou koze imigrasyon nan peyi Etazini.

    Prezantasyon sa se youn koutwazi Haitian Bridge Alliance ki kanpe pou sevi fre nou ak seu nou yo. travay ......

    plis enfomasyon
  • 21

    Resume Workshop

    Pou moun ki gen pemi travay ......

    For those who have a work permit ........

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  • 17

    Grand Opening of our San Diego Office

    HBA will be officially opening its San Diego office to service the community.

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Welcome to the Bridge

Haitian Bridge Alliance(HBA), also known as "The Bridge" is a coalition of Haitian non-profit organizations and community activists who have come together to serve the Haitian community in California and beyond.

We came together as a result of the Haitian immigrant crisis that hit San Diego. Our singular focus is to ensure the new immigrants' success as they navigate their new lives in the United States. While our current work is focused more on this crisis, our long-term vision is to expand the visibility and reach of the Haitian community in California and to assist wherever we are needed.

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In the news

Channel 7 NBC: A First Thanksgiving In The US.

Hundreds of Haitian refugees got to experience an American Thanksgiving dinner in San Diego Saturday. "What a better way to say thank you to God, to the community, to America for allowing these people to come and just be?", Guerline Jozef of the Haitian Bridge Alliance (HBA), says.

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Recent charity actions

November - December 2016
- Blanket and Jacket Drive

HBA has partnered with CaliHaitians, Sak Pase California, Music Changes Lives and the community to bring lightly used jackets and blankets to the newly arrived Haitian immigrants in Southern California. This winter is slated to be one of the coldest in a while. Your donations and gifts will go a long way in ensuring warm nights for someone in need. You can bring your gently used items to the HBA office during our office hours.

Alternatively, you can purchase a blanket or jacket from a Haitian owned store HERE and have the items shipped to the HBA office.

October 2016
- Hurricane Matthew Collection.

HBA is supporting CaliHaitians on immediate action on Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. CaliHaitians and its members will be soliciting and collecting supplies, donations and other goods to assist the southernmost parts of Haiti that were ravaged by Hurricane Matthew. HBA is honored to have been invited to assist, while keeping our eyes on the situation in San Diego.

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Haitian Bridge appreciates and cares about every member of our family.

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